Are you a manager or are you managed?

by Lesley Cartwright


…Let Us make man in our image, in our likeness, to be master of all life upon the earth, and in the skies and in the seas” -Genesis 1:26

We have been created for dominion – to rule and reign as kings. It’s our responsibility to take control of things and not let those things take us over. In Genesis 9:2, after God created the earth, He created man to tend and look after it.

If we are not managing or taking an active leadership role in life, we are essentially being managed or a follower. If we live a cavalier life, we will get cavalier results.

Anything left to itself tends to chaos. Leaving things to chance produces disorder. Leave your garden untended and it will soon be run over by weeds.

Take action: Examine your life for things that have been left uncharted and set yourself assignments to get things done. If you have let hurt or bitterness take root in you, deal with it. Know the state of your flocks and don’t let circumstances dictate your actions.

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