Forgive – it’s a simple instruction!

by Andrew Cartwright


“Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them”. -Romans 12:14 (New Living Translation)

Offenses are guaranteed to happen – in this fallen world, there’s no avoiding them. But it’s our reaction to them that’s the deciding factor as to whether or not we’ll end up with anger and bitterness stuck in our hearts like a barbed arrow, or… we can be free of the consequences of taking offense by forgiving the offender.

Why should we forgive? Because we were heading for an eternity without God, but while we were still lost in sin, God forgave us – we didn’t ask for it or even know we needed it. Forgiveness paves the way for God to wipe our slates clean of our own failings. Yes, it’s not just others that cause offense, let’s be honest with ourselves before God.

Take Action:  Have you been hurt or offended by someone? God gave us a simple instruction as to what to do about it – forgive them! But don’t just stop there… PRAY that God will bless them! INSIST that He show you three ways in which He’ll bless them. Keep praying until you know that it’s done. The offense will become a tiny distant memory and you’ll experience a joy and peace that’s out of this world. Forgive – it’s a simple instruction with great rewards.

[Scripture references:  Luke 17:1 NKJV; Romans 5:8; Mark 11:25; Matthew 5:44.]

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