Free Tickets to the Love Boat

by Andrew Cartwright


“God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son… ” John 3:16

At certain times of the year like Valentine’s Day, there’s an increased focus on the theme of love. People take the opportunity to demonstrate their love and affection for one another by giving gifts, going out for a romantic dinner together, or simply saying, “I love you”. Yet, the warm memories of such a time soon fade as the hum-drum routine of life quickly sets in once again. So shouldn’t  loving others be an inseparable part of who we are? It should be as natural to us as breathing. Romans 5:5 assures us the love of God is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Let’s be honest here – if we’ve TRULY experienced being filled with God who IS love, we should never act selfishly towards others again. Our lives will display a marked tendency to generosity from that moment on.

Take action: There are no free tickets to the Love Boat – to love others like God loves us is going to cost us something – our pride, our focus on self, our time, our goods, our finances… whatever it takes. Let us follow God’s example and communicate His unconditional love daily to others at every opportunity – starting today.

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