Keep the Picture

by Lesley Cartwright

When the power failures in life hit you – SEE GOD and not the circumstances.

The only way we will remain fixed and immovable when the tough times hit is if we have an assurance of who God is, and that will only come when we see who He is from His Word. God’s integrity has stood the test of time. His Word is tried and tested; it has been forever established in heaven and it will accomplish whatever He has sent it to do (Isaiah 55:11). But we have a vital part to play… we must speak His word in faith so it can “return to Him”.

In order for us to see why God wants us to make His Word a priority in our lives, we need to understand how it will benefit us in the long run. See 2 Timothy 3:16.

God says that His Word is a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet (Ps 119:105). He will reveal Himself to us through the scriptures. Jesus said “he who has seen Me has seen the Father”. Also read John 1:1 -Jesus and the Word are one. When we are faced with hardships or decisions we have to make, we should ask ourselves “what Jesus would do,”, how He would respond, and when we find the scripture that answers our query, we should align ourselves with what is said in the Word.

Keeping the Picture
True Godly strength comes from applying the Word consistently. Consistency holds a lot of power. When you continue to do what you know you should – the breakthrough will come. When you mean business with God – He’ll mean business with you.

I think of a story that my husband told me about a tour that he did of an international airport. He was allowed into the air traffic controller’s tower and was given a brief description of what happens there. What stood out for me as he spoke was a technique they use called “Keeping the Picture”. In the event of a power failure occurring, the air traffic controller would have to remember where all the planes were situated on the screen. His task would then be to safely land each and every plane. I thought about this and really felt stirred in my heart that many people have “power failures” in their lives. They feel that no matter how hard they pray or play the game, there is no power. This is not the time to give up and run away. It’s the time when you make a withdrawal from the deposits you’ve been making. People who know their God will remain stable. They will not be moved and turn to the left or to the right. If we fix our gaze consistently on what the Word has to say – we would be able to ditch every curved ball that life throws us. If we allow Jesus Christ to be the Air Traffic Controller in our lives, He will successfully and safely direct every aspect of our lives into His perfect will and plan, time and time again.

Constant focus on God’s Word
In my own life, there have been countless times when I could have thrown in the towel and said that’s that. But.. I’ve made the decision to stand on His Word. In 2002, I was involved in a motorcar accident and I could have had every right to give up. But I didn’t. Even though I spent a great deal of that year in hospital and had to relearn what many of us take for granted, I decided that no matter what – God would have first place in my life. I realised that God is for me and not against me. He has a plan and a future for me. As long as I kept the image in front of me of what the Word says I am – the “power failure” didn’t affect me. Over the years I’ve learnt that whatever the devil wanted to use for my demise – God would turn around for good. I don’t give myself a chance to ponder on the bad and what could have happened. Sure, there are setbacks, but God said that He would lead me into triumph, and I believe Him. I’ve walked too long a road with God to bail out on Him now. God is good, period!!

You may be going through something in your own life right now. Don’t give up! God wants to come through for you. He wants you to give your concerns to Him and to trust that He can do it for you (1 Peter 5: 7).

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