Activate God’s Favour!

by Andrew Cartwright


“Then my favour will shine on you like the morning sun, and your wounds will be quickly healed.” Isaiah 58:8

God’s favour is upon your life. In fact, it’s surrounding you like a shield (Psalm 5:12). What is God’s favour? It’s His permanent attitude of approval and preferential treatment. And because of what Jesus accomplished and the resulting favour of God upon us, we can have a constant expectation of good things happening!

But if we are so preferred by God, why then does it often seem His promises are hidden behind dark clouds and bad things keep happening? In Isaiah 58, we discover that the people were fasting, but at the same time they were pursuing their own interests, oppressing workers and quarrelling – no wonder their prayers were not being answered! In these scriptures, we find the one thing that activates God’s favourable disposition towards us… generosity. It’s when we quit oppressing and acting unjustly towards others, shelter the homeless, share our food and clothes with those in need and do not hide from relatives that need our help that His favour is released in great measure.

Take action: If you see a need and it’s in your power to do something – go ahead and meet it. Always be ready with a smile or kind word for someone. Volunteer at a charitable organisation (or start your own). True generosity comes from the heart – it cannot be a token “add-on” – God is not fooled by selfish motives for even a moment. Do these things and it’s guaranteed… His favour will shine on you like the morning sun and your wounds will be quickly healed!

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