There is Always a Way Out!

by Andrew Cartwright

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in an impossible situation with no way out? God has a way out. He’s done it throughout history and He’ll do it for you! Here are a few examples of how He miraculously delivered people from “impossible” situations:

  • Joseph – falsely accused and jailed for years, but went from prisoner to President in a day. God delivered Joseph and saved a nation from famine through Joseph’s God-given gift of interpreting dreams (Genesis 37,39,40,41…). What gift has God given you? He will use it to deliver you and bring you before kings.
  • Paul and Silas – imprisoned for casting a demon out of a woman whose owners were using her to make money by demonic fortune telling! (Acts 16:16-40. See verse 25). But they did not focus on the circumstances. Instead, knowing God’s amazing love and goodness, they were praying and singing songs to Him! Suddenly, a violent earthquake shook the prison – the doors flew open and their chains fell off. God is so good. He loves you. He opens doors no man can shut. Shout for joy and thank Him for who He is – He’ll blast your adverse situation to pieces too.
  • Peter and Jesus – “Temple taxes” were being demanded of them, though they were exempt from it. But, in order not to cause offense, Jesus told Peter to go fishing and the first fish he caught would have a coin in its mouth! God used a “word of knowledge” to reveal money hidden for them in a highly unlikely place. If you’re in need, praise God in spite of it, and don’t be surprised when He shows you a source of finances in an unexpected or unusual place. Do what He says– you’ll soon be telling everyone how God turned your impossible situation around.

26-2GOD SEES EVERYTHING  He can outmanoeuvre the enemy’s plans every time (Proverbs 21:30; Psalm 10: 11,14). Also, He will NOT let a situation continue beyond what you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13; Psalm 118:5).

Take action: Is anything stronger than Him? Is anything too difficult for Him? Is He weak? No, God is a consuming fire! Right now, as you pray and praise Him with a thankful heart – He WILL make a way for you out of that situation – in such an amazing way, that you will jump and shout for joy!

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